Property Management Services

Property Management “Dedicated Real Estate professionals handling your management needs and protecting your Real Estate investments!”


We handle the placement of all advertising – sings, print ads, flyers, website advertising, rental lists, and referrals. The owner is not billed for these services we provide them as added value to you. If there is a specific advertising medium you wish to proceed with that is not within our scope we will get a quote and the owner will be responsible for that payment.

Showing and Applications

We receive and process all calls from the advertising. We require a detailed rental application to be completed, then each application is thoroughly evaluated and screened before approving a prospective tenant.


We collect your rent and provide monthly statements. We review the rents at the end of each lease period to assure that your property is receiving its best income potential according to the prevailing market conditions.

Tenant Relations

We maintain a good professional relationship with each tenant. Our goal is satisfied long-term tenant who pay the rent on time and take care of the property.


We have experienced maintenance and repair people available to handle all needs as they arise. These processionals have been chosen because they have proven to be honest and competent, and their services are reasonably priced.


We require ample security deposits corresponding to the monthly rent secure the tenant’s pledge of full compliance with the terms of the lease, Security deposits are held in an escrow account according to Florida Statutes.


Our management fee is a small percentage of a gross monthly rent collected, and our leasing fees are reasonable and competitive. When your property is vacant, we are working actively to advertise and secure a suitable tenant, and we are continuing to take care of all the maintenance and repair needs- if any- as they become necessary.


We send you an itemized statement each month showing
  • Rental Income
  • Management Fees
  • Other Expenses (if any)
  • Net amount to owner
  • Your net check will be included with each statement
  • Statements are processed between the fifteenth (15th) and the twentieth (20th) of each month.
  • At year end you will receive a consolidated Profit & Loss statement along with your 1099-Misc.
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